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It’s Just A Chicken Coop

I was what people around here would call a “Big City Girl” living in the far northeast United States working at the typical Big-Apple breakneck speed. The move-to-Alabama bug bit me when I was on the phone with a client from Birmingham. The clincher came at the end of the call. As he said his

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Lewis Grizzard – One FUNNY Man

Eddie B (my moma) just loved Lewis Grizzard. So much so that she kept up with ANYTHING she could find written by him, about him, etc. Which given this was about 1993, it was not easy to do much, from Way over there in Texas…but if you knew Eddie B she was able to “reach”

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Lewis Grizzard one FUNNY man!

IF you can’t get Lewis Grizzard to come to you, then what is next? Go to MORELAND. Now Moreland, Georgia is just a stones throw from Auburn. Rita and I think it is the perfect trip for another Birthday celebration. So off we go, up I-85 and then just south of Atlanta is the exit

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Lewis Grizzard – One FUNNY Man!

While Rita and I are plotting ways to meet Lewis Grizzard and continuing to enjoy him from a distance,

..let’s remember that Eddie B has been brought into the fold in a big way! She and “Lewis” share more than a LOVE of great literature. They are becoming very, very SICK together.

I had tried

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Lewis Grizzard – One FUNNY Man

Rita and I were plowing through the Lewis Grizzard books at a high rate of speed when I realized, you know Eddie B, (my mother) would really like his books as well.

So I got on the phone and called WAY OVER THERE TO TEXAS and told her all about Lewis. She seemed mildly

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Lewis Grizzard…One FUNNY Man

I honestly don’t know where I learned about Lewis Grizzard, but once I picked up the first one of his books my passion for him and his passion for life took over me like a house on fire. I, being the sharing kind told my Alabama Best Girl Friend, Rita about Lewis so she could

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