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My Brother Raises Chickens

Texas Chicken’s

I have always liked chickens, maybe even more than the brother that raises them. When I was little he picked on me endlessly and this made me whine, which made him do it more. But, I must have been pretty crazy about him when I was very young because one time I

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His Will Be Done

I was very upset at the outcome of this election. But upon reflection I’ve come to accept the LORD actually did HIS perfect work today.

Everyone who voted for Obama please know you also voted for murdering the souls of HIS children in their mother’s wombs. You voted for the use of their fetal

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August Gratitude

1. Coffee, my greatest vice!

2. Rain, such a blessing to my flowers, trees and birds.

3. Books, they have always been my friends.

4. House that makes me happy.

Windy Wonderful Sunday

1. I am off work one more day.

2. I am in a warm, snuggly place with COFFEE.

3. I have a husband who let’s ME be ME.

4. My children (you all know who I consider my children) are grown, healthy and leading productive lives.

5. My eyes…to enjoy all the beauty of today.

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Saturday and Sunday!

A nice break from work.

A time to catch up with Family.

A time to write on this blog that I committed to write on at least once a week (very short on that goal).

All of these things make me thankful! and in Wonder that I was born in a GREAT COUNTRY to ENJOY

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This week of thanks…

1. Cooler evenings.

2. Sitting on my patio sipping wine.

3. Lambrusco wine (yummy and cheap).

4. Rita who called to see about me.

5. Coffee, love it, love it.

6. Picture of my sister on FB.

7. Less tireness.

8. B-12 shot.

9. Birthday gift from Phobie/Norman (bird feeders from Tractor supply).


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Just for today I an thankful for…

Birthday Quilt

1. Red Sheets and what they really stand for.

2. Naps (another big one in Alabama).

3. Brunswick stew made by my son.

4. My eyes to see beauty.

5. Pretty Quilt for my birthday.

Just for today I am thankful for…

1. Safe travels

2. Air Conditioning

3. Naps

4. Coffee

5. My family (every one of them)