My Brother Raises Chickens

Texas Chicken’s

I have always liked chickens, maybe even more than the brother that raises them.  When I was little he picked on me endlessly and this made me whine, which made him do it more.  But, I must have  been pretty crazy about him when I was very young because one time I am told that Granny Hill was getting on to him and I took his hand and told her I was taking my Bubby and going home. Many people must think he is a hard man, keen eye, sharp tongue, I know the brother who made all A’s in school (when he wanted to), had a quick wit and a good sense of humor.  I know too that he has raised children and grand-children and even a great-grandchild just coming along that when they don’t want to strangle him, think he is pretty grand.  I hope that when he feeds the chickens today that he knows his sister (the only normal one) is thinking of him.

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