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Closet Hoarder Revealed

whatsMy mother gave me my “junkin” gene and my granny the resourcefulness to use up all that I could from a scrap of material, a button, a piece of thread.  I have prided myself for many years on keeping my house straight and holding on too these little bits of stuff that I might one day use.  It has only been recently though that I have longed to walk through the house and not fall over the bench in the hall that holds a string of boxes, baskets and tins.  Not walk in my my closet and look at far more clothes I can’t or won’t ever wear.  So, I thought I’d make a list of some of the SIGNIFICANT that things I just can’t put in the car and take to the thrift store!

Baskets – I probably have 15 or 20 (I am sure your thinking that I must own a 100 plus).  A couple were Granny’s, two were Eddie B’s, and I even have one from my aunt made in the Phillipines.  The rest I wanted to hang around the top of a room’s walls, sort of like a border.  I know now I never will, but the were collected as fun, they are clean, useful and purposeful.  So my prayer today is “God grant me the willpower to let them go, knowing that someone else will use them and love them as I have.”

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