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Who’s Your Boss?

workI have a couple of people in my life and friends on FaceBook who are so unhappy with their job situation. Either they don’t make enough money or their boss is useless or the owner is a money grubbing control freak and any variety of other issues that make their work life miserable.

So. Here’s the Wake Up Call: You do not work for that company. Nope. That boss, that owner, that situation are NOT the answer. Let this next bit sink completely in… know this in your heart…

You Work For GOD.

God OWNS that company. That boss got up today because God LET HIM. There is nothing in our life HE cannot control. HE is THE answer. HE is who you, me, all of us… can go to when there’s any problem anywhere that needs any fixing. Including the ones at… your JOB.

TALK TO HIM. We call it prayer but it doesn’t have to be on your knees or in the quiet solace of some near-meditation exercise in solemn peace.

Speak to him from your heart.

HE will answer you. He WILL. If you seek you WILL find. If you ask it WILL be given. If you knock … by golly… that door can’t help but OPEN.

He is GOD. And… HE CARES. The next time you’re bummed about your job… ask yourself… “Have I taken this to who I work for yet?”

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