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Rooms To Go Fail

This is a recent letter I sent to Rooms To Go. I think it is self-explanatory.

My most recent Rooms To Go experience has almost convinced me there isn’t a living soul at your establishment who actually CARES about satisfying the customer (me) but just on the off-chance that I am wrong and somewhere in the bowels of your management there DOES reside someone with a brain and compassion I thought I’d send this letter in the hope that SOMEBODY THERE will take notice.


First so you can look up my order, etc… it was placed online via your website. The phone number associated with my order is xxx-xxx-xxxx … and the name on the account is: Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx (My Daughter)

I am disabled. My daughter was trying to do me a good deed and buy me a new bed and mattress. Unfortunately after it arrived I realized after a few nights that I am too disabled to sleep on the top of the line memory foam mattress she had purchased. I’m a tad heavy and sink down into the memory foam and it is as if it grabs me and will not let me move around or roll over. I use oxygen and a cpap machine at night to breathe. I have to be able to move when I get things kinked up… but am unable to do so with this mattress.

So. I called your online customer support center to see how I could exchange this mattress. I was told that normally I would only be allowed 48 hours to do an exchange but in the spirit of good customer service they were willing to make an exception and allow me to exchange the mattress for one of EQUAL OR GREATER VALUE. So far so good. Isn’t that nice of them.

I thought.

So. First I went online but gee golly how awful since my kid had already purchased the MOST EXPENSIVE TWIN MATTRESS you carry online I was unable to find one that met that criteria. Your helpful telephone staff informed me I should visit a showroom and let them assist me finding a suitable replacement.

(Oh… let me throw in I was informed AND HAPPILY AGREED TO PAY the restocking fee and re-delivery fee associated with this exchange. I just need A mattress that fit MY NEEDS.)

Off we then went to our local showroom. Where the staff were excellent. They looked through all their inventory, ordering brochures etc and determined that Rooms To Go DOES NOT CARRY a twin mattress WITHOUT MEMORY FOAM of an equal or greater value. But they gave me the sku# of the most expensive twin size NON-FOAM mattress that you do carry.

I came home and called the 800 online support number and selected option 1 as told to do. I gave them the sku# of the newly selected mattress.

Today I received a call back to inform me you WILL NOT make the exchange because the customer  MUST select an item of EQUAL OR GREATER VALUE in order to make the exchange as agreed to by your manager in the original phone call. I explained that you do not carry one. I was informed I should go to the website and select something else that exceeds the difference in value ($188) in order to qualify for the exchange.

I started to do so. Then I got to thinking this is stupid. I have told them Rooms To Go can KEEP the difference. I will pay the restocking fee and I will pay a re-delivery fee. What could possibly be the point to INSISTING that I go online and select more CR*P that I don’t need just to satisfy some arbitrary RULE?

So. I called back and asked your staff to please keep the difference. Make the exchange. I’ll pay the restocking and the re-delivery. I just want a mattress that fits MY NEEDS. I was told sorry… NO CAN DO.

Really!?! Seriously?!? FOLLOWING SOME RULE even at the loss of that $188 difference that I was willing to forego … is more important than even adequate customer service? Seriously?

Well. I decided forget the exchange. Forget Rooms To Go. Forget DOING THE RIGHT THING. I’ll donate the mattress to charity. I’ll buy one suitable to my needs somewhere else. I will never darken your store or your website again with a purchase. I will say snippy things to my friends about YOU on Facebook. But… what I really want you to consider is IN THIS ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT are your silly little corporate RULES really worth it? Are they?

Ah well. I had my say. I feel so much better now.

UPDATE: Upon receipt of the above letter Rooms To Go’s corporate office contacted me with an offer to exchange for the lesser value mattress and refund the difference. I took them up on it and am now sleeping in my wonderful new bed on my new perfect mattress. Thank you Rooms To Go. YOU do rock afterall.

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