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His Will Be Done

I was very upset at the outcome of this election. But upon reflection I’ve come to accept the LORD actually did HIS perfect work today.

Everyone who voted for Obama please know you also voted for murdering the souls of HIS children in their mother’s wombs. You voted for the use of their fetal stem cells creating a for-profit angle to their painful unholy deaths. And you made a mockery of the sanctimony of His marriage between a man and a woman. You also voted for death to the Lord’s chosen people of Israel by giving him another four years to fund his friends in The Muslim Brotherhood whose stated goal is to wipe them off the map.


By HIS holy allowance you are no longer “on the fence” … you are no longer safely in the realm of “not knowing” … now you can stand there someday at that Great White Thone and take full credit for the blood on your hands and the crimes you’ve abetted.

CHRISTIANS TAKE HEART: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

Maybe I’m wrong… and maybe in time I will change my mind… but right this minute I do not feel sorry for any of the adults who walked into the ballot box and voted for Obama. Even if they believed Romney was going to take away Medicare… I’d ask is THAT the going price for a human life these days?

Is what we lost as the most blessed nation on earth worth any free cell phones, extended unemployment, Medicare or anything else “they” thought they were trading for it. I accept THIS is God’s will as part of his plan BUT so far… in so doing… I am shaking the sand of THEM from my feet and not looking back. They have eyes that cannot see and ears that won’t hear. They are lost and I can’t change it for them. I think many sat on the fence, lukewarm and undecided. NOW… they have made their choice. They’ve chosen what was important to them.

I will do anything I can to help Christians in the coming hard times. Anything.

However, I am OVER everything to do with the left. All of them. If the Lord sees fit to soften my heart to them… so be it. But… I really think this election decided MANY things… for EVERYONE of us.

I have to rush to add that… I read somewhere… by someone I had some respect for that the minute the vote was done and the election decided they absolutely ARE going to impeach Obama for high treason during a time of war. Imagine that… sealing your fate by choosing the death of innocents and still wind up not getting any free cell phones.

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