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Zynga Support Chat Fail

The following chat is a transcript of a support chat this evening. Anyone who plays Cafe World will understand the frustration of dealing with their support staff but this brings it to a whole new level. Apparently now we have to PROVE there was a problem. How?!?

Anyone know what we can do now…

You are now chatting with ‘Michelle V.’.
Hi Angela! How can I help?

Angela: I am working on the latest Burt goal. I’m on level 6. My problem is the limitation zynga has on how many items I get on the post-for thing.

Angela: The first time I posed it… I only got TWO items. Then ppl got the message I’d had all the help I could have.

Angela: Four hours later I posted again.

Angela: That time I was only allowed 4 ppl to give me the item.

Angela: Then they all got the message I’d had all the help I could have.

Angela: The last time I posted it… I’ve gotten ZERO.

Michelle V.: I understand that you have request issues.

Angela: The POST FOR… limitation Zynga places on how many items I can get per post.

Angela: Please don’t tell me to clear my cache or review my FB settings.

Angela: I am not the problem and FB is not the problem.

Michelle V.: The reason is because you have already reached the limit to post

Angela: What do you mean?

Michelle V.: There is a limit on how many times you can post.

Angela: The post IS there.

Angela: The post shows in the feed.

Angela: THAT can’t be the problem.

Michelle V.: Do you mean that you cannot claim from the posts?

Angela: That isn’t how I would phrase it but yes… I am not getting credit for anywhere near an adequate amount of the clicks that are being given to my post.

Angela: The first post got TWO.

Angela: The second post got FOUR.

Angela: The third post got ZERO.

Michelle V.: It really depends on how many people have already claimed for that particular post

Angela: At this rate the goal will be ended before I have enough.

Michelle V.: There is a limit as well on how many can claim on the posts

Angela: I understand.

Angela: But wouldn’t that mean I will have received that number of items.

Angela: I just cannot believe the limit is 2, then 4, then 0…

Angela: At that rate the goal will expire before anyone gets 18 of them.

Michelle V.: It will vary because there were also some people who might claimed before you

Angela: Especially with a 4 hour gap between posts.

Angela: No… I’m not talking about ME clicking on any posts.

Angela: I’m talking about MY POST… in the feed.

Angela: The goal has a POST FOR item.

Michelle V.: You cannot claim on your own postings Angela

Angela: The first time I posted it as soon as only TWO ppl clicked it the third one got the message I’d had all the help I could have…

Angela: I am not talking about ME clicking anything.

Michelle V.: I see

Angela: Then four hours later I posted it again.

Angela: That time after four ppl clicked it the fifth person NOT ME got a message I’d had all the help I could have.

Angela: The THIRD TIME I posted it yet four more hours later… the FIRST person who clicked it got the message I’d had all the help I could have.

Angela: So for TWELVE hours effort I only have 6 of the items.

Angela: Hellloooo?

Michelle V.: For us to further look at this, I will be needing you to send us a screenshot of the postings and the items that you haven’t got.

Angela: Surely you are not serious.

Angela: I’m supposed to crawl back over 12 hours of posts by over 400 CW friends and family to make you a screen shot to prove I did in fact make the posts from the game?

Angela: Why would I lie to you.

Michelle V.: I did not say you are lying to us

Michelle V.: We just need to thoroughly verify everything now.

Angela: As for the screen shot of the game it is level 6 of the latest goal. Surely ZYNGA has a copy of what THAT looks like.

Angela: I posted it three times. I have 6 of them. TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.

Angela: Go check my cafe and see for yourself how many I have for that goal.

Michelle V.: There are things on your game that we need to see and match on our records.

Angela: And a screen shot from my news feed will let you do that…?

Angela: I will not sit here and be called a liar.

Michelle V.: There are also things we cannot see like you wall postings since it is your personal facebook page that we do not have access to.

Michelle V.: Like what I told you Angela, I never said you were a liar

Angela: But… I have the ear of over 400 fellow CW players.

Angela: Then what are you saying…?

Michelle V.: I just need to verify the issue. That doesn’t mean you’re lying. We need facts.

Angela: I’ll give you a FACT… I am one of the players of this GREATLY FAULTY game who actually PAYS cash for the headache on a fairly routine ongoing basis. But MICHELLE V (sure that isn’t actually your name) I will never pay another DIME and I will make sure to post this entire conversation EVERYWHERE. Zynga can thank YOU for the outcome.

Angela: I have not lied to you.

Angela: I made the posts.

Angela: I got cheated by a glitch in the game.

Angela: But you Michelle V have taken it to a whole new level of PROBLEM.

Michelle V.: I’m pretty sure you’re not lying to us.

Angela: THEN FIX IT.

Michelle V.: But we cannot solve issues without seeing actual evidence.

Angela: Fix it.

Angela: All you have to do is FIX IT.

Angela: It is easy.

Michelle V.: We are doing our best to fix the issue and it will be fixed if you will cooperate with us.

Angela: YOU fix it. I go away.

Angela: I am not proving to you that I am not lying.

Angela: A picture of my post is not going to tell you ANYTHING about the problem.

Angela: I can write in php, c++, java, java script, html and flash… the issue has nothing to do with some PICTURE from my feed or in my cafe.

Angela: The issue has to do with your glitch laden game.

Michelle V.: No worries, we will be working on to fix this issue.

Angela: And my sending you pictures is NOT going to tel you ANYTHING.

Angela: Are you done?

Michelle V.: I will be reporting this for a fix

Angela: You do that Michelle V. I will be using that lovely little antiquated device called a telephone tomorrow to do EVERYTHING I can to see that whatever you do at Zynga it is NOT sit in chat and accuse players of lying.

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