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Lewis Grizzard one FUNNY man!

IF you can’t get Lewis Grizzard to come to you, then what is next?  Go to MORELAND.  Now Moreland, Georgia is just a stones throw from Auburn.  Rita and I think it is the perfect trip for another Birthday celebration.  So off we go, up I-85 and then just south of Atlanta is the exit for Moreland.  Whe we arrive there are no PARADES, no CELEBRATIONS (didn’t they know we would be coming sometime and they should always be at the ready).  So, not knowing exactly how we are going to make this trip pay off in terms of meeting Lewis Grizzard, we start looking for his “MOMA’s HOUSE” because like all good southern boys he has to still be checking in with Moma, even though he is famous now and most likely rich.  We are driving along wondering which of the 20 or so houses in this little town are Moma’s when we see a lady out walking her dog.  Rita and I think this is a perfect opportunity to meet one of the locals, so we pull over and ask “Do you happen to know where Lewis Grizzard’s Moma lives?”  She says “I sure do, I am Lewis’ Aunt Una Mae”.  We have hit PAY DIRT.  We pile out of the car and have our pictures made with Aunt Una Mae (this relationship to Lews has been documented, ’cause she is mentioned in one of his books.). She tells us that none of the family calls him Lewis, they call him SKIPPY.  She also shares, that he really probably hasn’t been “right” since he drove his tricycle off the front porch when he was around 2 years old.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED…we are now practically FAMILY with LEWIS…and he doesn’t even know it YET!

1 comment to Lewis Grizzard one FUNNY man!

  • I am over here rolling in the floor (and that ain’t pretty when a wheelchair is involved.) I love it. You’ve given me a whole new perspective on phraseology … such as … You bet your Skippy. Oh my.