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Government Mandates LIFESTYLE via Obamacare

How many of us realize the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) instantly changes those well intended Public Service Announcements of yesterday into Government MANDATES for today? At least all the ones that can remotely be construed to involve any aspect of our health and physical well being.

Obamacare opened the door to people like Pelosi, Michelle Obama … even your next door neighbor … having a valid say in how much YOU weigh. Do you work out regularly, do you smoke, have a bit of a beer gut and more is now someone else’s business. If we the people are paying for the fruits of your medical situation suddenly we ARE our brothers keeper. We DO have a right to dictate the upkeep of all our fellow citizens.

THIS takes Affordable Care to a whole new level of INTRUSION. We are all directly on the proverbial slippery slope because realistically where would it end. Once “they” can enforce how much you should weigh, it is just a hop, skip and a mandate to force you to attend a health gym… next along comes how often? Did you sign in? Did anyone see you there?

Yes. I’m taking this to an extreme. I’m making a point. But… now that big brother has a vested interest in paying for our healthcare… they also have the right to what brought on said spending in the first place. Think about it and VOTE ACCORDINGLY. November is just around the corner and whether you like any of the RNC options or not… bear in mind… NOT voting is a vote FOR OBAMACARE.

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