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Saltgrass Steakhouse Dinner Out

We ate at Saltgrass Steakhouse on I-45 here in The Woodlands tonight. Our waiter was John and his service was great. He was a refreshing balance of friendly and professional.

This restaurant has the best sweet tea of any restaurant in the area. I just love having sweet tea as an option when we eat out and being here in the south of Texas I really don’t understand places that only carry the un-sweetened variety. We started our meal with an order of Fried Mushrooms which John made sure was accompanied by individual little bowls of Ranch Dressing for each of us to have our own.

Oh and then there was the bread. It is Shiner Bock Beer Bread and… delicious. We always ask for plain butter with ours but it is otherwise served with a honey-butter that probably is just perfect for those whose tastes run that way.

My daughter had Maudeen’s 6 oz. Center Cut Filet cooked to a perfect medium which was pink throughout just the way she likes it. She also ordered two of their Great Steak Additions. She had a skewer of grilled gulf shrimp and for me she ordered the Lobster Tail.

Oh my goodness. That lobster tail was wonderful… served with a side of melted drawn butter.

Our only regret at the end of this excellent exercise in culinary delight was that we just didn’t have any room left for one of their top of the line desserts. Ah well. There’s always next time. And there will definitely be a next time.

I almost forgot to mention the icing on the albeit dessert-less evening is by using out Landry’s Select Card the value of this meal will be applied toward a running total that culminates in a $25 discount for every 250 points earned. That’s a pretty good discount for merely showing them the card… wallet space… well spent.

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