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Is Ground Zero Our Valley Forge…

I don’t know any of the considerations that went into Bloomberg’s decision to exclude first responders, prayer and any clergy from the ten year memorial services of our 9-11. I heard one interview where he explained the first responders couldn’t be accommodated due to limitations of space and time. So be it. I guess.

Where I really have to stretch my heart to understand though is his response to the media when asked about his decision to exclude prayer and clergy from the proceedings. He claimed this was necessary due to separation of church and state which he claimed are dictated in our constitution.

I won’t embarrass the man by lingering on his lack of knowledge since there is actually nothing in the constitution stating anything about the subject. But… oh my goodness… if that were true… when and by whose ruling did the profound grief of a nation… become a STATE function to memorialize the great loss we all experienced? Grief isn’t a government activity to be separated from anything.

And, back to that founding document… let’s look a little further into the yesteryear that gave birth to this great nation. Some would say the travail itself took place right there in Valley Forge. Things were stark and looked terribly bleak for a rag-tag army trying to over-throw the reach of the greatest empire on earth… Great Britain.

Bloomberg is entitled to his OPINIONS but not to his own FACTS. You see… the tide turned for us at Valley Forge shortly after our founding father GEORGE WASHINGTON was found alone, in the woods, sword laying on one side and his tri-cornered hat on the other. He was ON HIS KNEES… praying with more vehemence than ever heard “beseeching God to interpose with his Divine aid, as it was ye Crisis, & the cause of the country, of humanity & of the world.” (Isaac Pott’s encounter with Washington praying comes from the “Diary and Remembrances” of Reverend Nathaniel Randolph Snowden 1770-1851.)

We know how Valley Forge turned out WITH prayer (praise the Lord)… does anybody but Bloomberg want to find out how this ground zero thing will eventually work out without prayer? Not me.

2 comments to Is Ground Zero Our Valley Forge…

  • Patricia

    As someone who lives “just about” equidistant from all 3 sites of the horrific 9/11 attacks (Ground Zero, of course, being the worst as to loss of life), my personal opinion of this man is that he is just a COWARD. His personal interests are largely vested in Middle Eastern “concerns” so OH MY! that we might OFFEND someone! And now, given I write this long after 9/11, we have to contend with him (and his cronies) and OSW debacle in NYC. Again, a COWARD. At least that’s my assessment of him.

    Oh, and did I add HYPOCRITE? There couldn’t be any “transition period” for Mayor Guliani at the end of 2001, because mayors couldn’t have 3 terms, yet? Bloomberg BUYS himself a third term as mayor. Please, PRAY he doesn’t BUY a 4th.

  • Frances Loper Corwin

    Great perspective on this . I would so Love to see one & all at Ground Zero Fall to their knees at the same moment & begin to pray the Lord’s Prayer in unison . A flashmob of Prayer at Ground Zero televised nationwide.

    I was thinking about the First Responders not being invited & when I first heard it wondered if all 1st responders would be all hands on deck & on standby just in case there is an attempt?