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Just for today!

Thankful for today: 1. A window in my office 2. Rain this week 3. Tacos for lunch 4. Coffee on my patio after 5 6. Cooler days!

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This week of thanks…

1. Cooler evenings.

2. Sitting on my patio sipping wine.

3. Lambrusco wine (yummy and cheap).

4. Rita who called to see about me.

5. Coffee, love it, love it.

6. Picture of my sister on FB.

7. Less tireness.

8. B-12 shot.

9. Birthday gift from Phobie/Norman (bird feeders from Tractor supply).


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Just for today I an thankful for…

Birthday Quilt

1. Red Sheets and what they really stand for.

2. Naps (another big one in Alabama).

3. Brunswick stew made by my son.

4. My eyes to see beauty.

5. Pretty Quilt for my birthday.

Just for today I am thankful for…

1. Safe travels

2. Air Conditioning

3. Naps

4. Coffee

5. My family (every one of them)

Is Ground Zero Our Valley Forge…

I don’t know any of the considerations that went into Bloomberg’s decision to exclude first responders, prayer and any clergy from the ten year memorial services of our 9-11. I heard one interview where he explained the first responders couldn’t be accommodated due to limitations of space and time. So be it. I guess.


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