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Healing America One Person At A Time

If America, and what made us great, were mapped out on a bell curve… similar to a product life cycle… it would be pretty safe to say we are definitely on the downhill slope. My suspicion is we are not just on the way down we are actually nearing that slippery part of the slope. The part near the bottom. On the plus side, I’m pretty sure that awful place does plateau out to what is basically… a flat line. On second thought, that, might not be a “plus side” after all.

We are all pretty much aware now, and for the most part agree, “Houston we have a problem.”

To one extent or another we are all floundering around looking for THE answer. What do we do now? A few have surfaced whom we glob around waiting for them to either step up and fix things themselves (hopey-changey stuff) or at the very least give us a To-Do-List to follow as communities, states, congregations or some affiliation to which we feel some kind of hopeful affinity.

Not in a hurry to bust any bubbles here but, uh, it seems to me… Obama, Palin, Reverend Wright, Glenn Beck, (now there’s a combination of personalities you don’t see in the same “breath” very often) … nor anyone else seems to have stepped up and FIXED THIS THING we call AMERICA. All have somewhat fizzled at the What Do We Do Now step. Everyone seems to mean well… but…

Which brings me to MY idea.

I think the answer lies inside each of us. In my opinion it is actually written in our hearts… so to speak. Along the lines of we know right from wrong kind of thinking. We just need to move it from mere thinking out into the open to a DOING phase.

I’m a Christian. I can’t deny that basis is the blueprint for much of my thinking. But, having been around the proverbial water fountain amongst a fairly diverse group I can also admit there are other walks of life who by whatever means have arrived at pretty much the same sets of moral standards. For myself and the words that work for me, however, I need to have this discussion from MY point of view and let the concept of feeling inclusive rest on the efforts of you… my reader.

And so I begin… this is my to-do list. Maybe you’ll join me…

1. Be my best self. (This covers all the big stuff like don’t lie, steal, kill, etc … as well as, all the tiny stuff like not repeating rumors, categorizing people by stereo-types, don’t cut in lines even when nobody’s looking. The idea is to keep an eye on myself and my own behavior, big and small.)

2. Get out and VOTE. (And my word-to-the-wise here is to base that vote on the ISSUES not who throws the best mud-pie. To do this requires one to first know what ARE the issues. Make a list. And then research each candidate with an aim to figure out where they stand on those issues. As a rule of thumb where possible their historical record (like only voting “present” … ahem) is a lot more reliable than the promises they spew on a stump speech.)

3. Speak Only POSITIVE words whenever possible. (I realize there are negatives and I’ve already said don’t lie. Which is why we need to remember we will have many opportunities to keep our mouth shut and should take advantage of every one of them. Oh my. In my opinion this is a real biggie. Literally put a watch-guard on my tongue comes to mind. When I think about it I’ve heard many women say things like “I can just look at that (cake, etc) and gain ten pounds.” And they do tend toward the slow-metabolism side of life. Of the positive speaking thing I tread the most softly around the words… “I am.” When filling in that trailing blank, when defining me, I only allow myself to do so in terms of upbeat, happy, successful POSITIVES.)

4. Give something of value to everyone I meet. (It might just be a smile, a silent prayer, a kind thought. I do this not just because it is good to give value. I do this because I honestly believe what comes out of me IS what will come back to me. Some call it karma. I actively work at building the good kind.)

5. Live within my means. (This doesn’t mean to stop all spending. Our nation is founded on capitalism which depends on a population that SPENDS money as well as earns it, saves it, invests it, etc. It does mean to have a budget and then set about living it. A good budget is an active “alive” kind of plan that is fluid enough to accommodate the unexpected yet concrete enough to include the most obscure necessities. This involves things like monthly setting aside money for those property taxes that roll around once a year, and a little something toward that “emergency” that IS going to happen. You might not know what the emergency will be… flat tire, dryer catches on fire, etc. But, you can bet it IS going to happen. A good budget has that in mind.)

Well. That’s my start on it. The getting ME on the road to a better America. A recovering America. Me doing these things alone will not extend our product life cycle. And the list is really just a starting place. There’s plenty of room for more, better, most… to really get things moving. But. It is a start.

Imagine if everyone on my street, in my community, from my state… all of us… really lived out each of these steps… all the time. We really would at least be back in the business of being the ones wearing the white hat again. And what if this were just a start for all of us. Just a jumping in place where we all put our heads together and added something of value to our to-do-list… to our individual big-schemes-and-world-events kind of stuff. I so want us to say, “Commander… we have lift-off.”

I’m doing it. The comment form is right there… do you have anything to add?

2 comments to Healing America One Person At A Time

  • Angela Harenza

    I know what you mean Kathy. Putting the Lord at the center makes all the difference here. I really want to expand on each of these first five items. There’s just so much in the finer points that I didn’t get said. But… primarily… for now I guess I just wanted to open up a “conversation” hoping you and others might add a 6, 7, 8 and beyond on What Do We Do Now… before we do bottom out?

  • Kathy

    I try to be my “best Self”…I vote…I try to speak positively…I also give silent prayers for so many others and when given a chance…I smile…and say a nice word…Alan and I both have lived above our means and it only gets you in debt…we have learned to be content in all that God gives us…took some doing but we are there…