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Healing America One Person At A Time

If America, and what made us great, were mapped out on a bell curve… similar to a product life cycle… it would be pretty safe to say we are definitely on the downhill slope. My suspicion is we are not just on the way down we are actually nearing that slippery part of the slope.

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The Trip of a Lifetime

This is just my personal insights, my observations. No PhD involved. I have no reason to know these things might be universal to all when they find themselves in one of those end of life and coming-to-terms type situations, but just in case it helps, here goes…

One of the first things I recognized about

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If My Mother Were Alive

If My Mother Were Alive

I’d call her first thing Sunday morning…

I’d remind her of the way we used to all sing… probably off key… whenever we were on our way anywhere together in the car…

I’d tell her that I need more pictures of her doing all the things she’d always done… the

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Too Hot To Grow Here

We’ve just had what I consider a real disappointment in the gardening arena.

My daughter did all the right things. She bought the potting soil, plants, seeds, tools, etc. She planted, watered, tended and worried over the little plants.

So far the yield has been, frankly, pathetic.

Little knots that are only recognized as tomatoes

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